How to choose Best Engineering College?
How to choose Best Engineering College?

After you have taken decision of becoming an engineer, the next big question to ponder arises is “Which college to choose for pursuing engineering?” and for many of us it can be rephrased as “Which college to choose amongst the options available to me?” Options can be of many types. Some of you will have Good confusions to sort out like “To Join IIT Bombay or IIT Delhi?” or “To join DCE or PEC or NSIT?” But for many of you confusions will not be of the types mentioned above. You might not have any great options on your side; you might have left with some new private colleges in hand. Thus let’s spend some time on as how we should choose the Best amongst the options in hand?

AICTE/UGC approval: College or University  should be approved either by 'All India Council for Technical Education' (AICTE) - the official governing body responsible for regulation of higher education in India; or University Grants Commission (UGC). These days many fraudulent institutes are setting up and running away with hard earned money of parents.

Promoters/Management team: Background of promoters should be verified. As if they have any link/experience in education sector or not? Are they there just for business? Profile of Management team should be a mix of academia and corporate.

Quality Faculty: Institute should have top-class faculty either permanent or visiting. Many institutes have recruited fresher with B.Tech as faculty. Do check ratio of B.Tech/M.Tech/Ph.D holder faculty. Faculty-led research should be done at institute, as it provides extensive, contextual and relevant study material.

Infrastructure (Physical/virtual): A world class infrastructure to facilitate learning. It assures sound technical and logistical support. Learning Management system, Digital library, Databases, Wi-Fi enabled campus, residential campus are some of the features. Some colleges are running their shops in just 2 classrooms, though their fees are very low. Beware of such engineering colleges.

Pedagogy/Curriculum: Pedagogy should be interactive rather than just class lectures. It should include seminars, Live projects, Experimentation, Research, Group discussions, Case studies based approach. Curriculum should be industry based.

Industry Linkages:How well is institute connected to industry surrounded? Are there any research projects, event management initiatives, live projects taken up by students from industries, Corporates?

Mentorship Programs: Students should be provided mentors (from corporate world or faculty), who can guide them for every step forward in their career direction.

Internship: Summer internship statistics are important. Check as how many students got their summer internship from campus. Because even many good colleges could not get all their students placed for summer internship through campus. Students & guardians have to look for contacts for getting it through.

Placement Committee: Do have a look at profile of Placement head. In many colleges placements are taken care of by students themselves. Be cautious.

Placements Record:View list of potential recruiters, and previous year reports. Highest package, Average package, Profiles offered by companies on campus. Also speak to alumni if possible.

Hope this post helps you take a better decision for your career ahead. B.Tech is a stepping stone for your great career ahead. Wish you luck.

Posted By : supriya On Apr 12 2012
Nice post, will certainly try to take care of points mentioned. Thanks

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