Steps to follow after writing AIEEE 2012.
Steps to follow after writing AIEEE 2012.
Many parents and students are confused about as what is the next step they have to take for AIEEE. They are done with exam, but how to procees further.

Some of the common queries that arise are:

I have given AIEEE 2012 exam, what should i do now?

Will AIEEE call me itself that which college i have been alloted?

Can i get any college i want or will it be alloted?

What is counselling, where it happens, when will it start, how can i participate?

What is counseling process?

To eliminate such questions, and provide you answers of them, here is the recent update about AIEEE 2012 counseling.

Once your result is declared on 15th June 2012.

You will have to login to website : http://www.ccb.nic.in  for registration of online counseling of AIEEE 2012.

Steps to follow further with AIEEE counseling schedule is:

There will be 4 Rounds of counseling this year.

For first 3 rounds there will be one registration and choice filling process, for 4th round you can fill your choices again.

And then the last round known as Spot Round, in which various private colleges also participate.


1. Online Registration, filling up of choices and choice locking June 16-25


2. First round of seat allotment June 27

3. Reporting [to any Reporting Centre (RC)] against the first round of allotment

 June 28-July 2

4. Second round of seat allotment  July 5


5. Reporting to RC against the second round of allotment for fresh allottees

 July 6-10


6. Third round of seat allotment July 12


7(a). REPORTING to RC against the third round of allotment for fresh allottees

 July 13-16

 (b). SURRENDERING the allotted seat at RC (if not satisfied with allotted seat)

 July 13-16


8. All reported candidates proceed to allotted Institute for admission

 July 17-22

9. On-line modification of choices (for un-allotted candidates and those who surrendered seats)

 July 17-22


10. All eligible candidates who did not register till date get fresh chance to do registration, filling up of choices and choice locking

 July 17-22


Classes begin on July 23, 2012 in all the Participating Institutes

11. Fourth round of seat allotment 

July 25

12. Candidates allotted seats against the fourth round of allotment proceed to allotted institute for admission.

July 25-30


13. INTERNAL SLIDING in every institute separately 

August 1


14. Vacancy position displayed on CCB Website 

August 2

15. Fresh registration for Spot round, filling up of choices and choice locking at Reporting Centre. All eligible candidates who didnot register till date are also permitted to do fresh registration for Spot Round.

August 3 - 6


16. Spot round seat allotment and automatic admission to CFIs August 8


17. Reporting to allotted Institute (Self-Financed Institute only) for admission against the spot round allotment

August 9 - 12

18. Reporting to class in Centrally Funded Institutes (CFIs) 

August 9-10

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