With development in technology, access to various careers has reached to masses. Many new careers come into picture with change in technology; e.g. boom of BPOs & KPOs in India had brought quite a number of new opportunities to our employable masses. Here we will provide details of various available careers which one can go for. In the long run, we will share experiences of persons who are presently in these careers, and they will give you incite to the white and grey areas of a particular career.

Science & Technology

"In science, impossible does not exist. Inventions and discoveries are the products of constant endeavor by creative minds, envisioning ever-new outcomes. With vivid imagination and consistent effort, the forces of the universe can be made to work for an inspired mind. How do we fire up the minds of India's youth who are the foundation for cutting edge research and usher in a renaissance in Indian science?"-----By APJ Abdul Kalam.

Engineering & Science is a career option on which heavily depend the GDPI of a country. Innovations, new technology, efficient processes, research in every field of engineering are very much required for India to join consortium of developed countries. This is the reason why this area offers plenty number of job offers.


Banking, Finance, Commerce & Accounting

Information Technology (IT), MCA/BCA/ Computers

Call centre, BPO, KPO

Crime scene Investigation

Designing- Fashion, Interior, Jewellery, Apparel, Textile design, Architecture & Planning


Education, Teaching & Training

Animation, Multimedia, Web & Game design

Films, Media, Journalism & Mass Communication

Healthcare & Medicine

Hospitality, Tourism & Aviation

Arts, Law & Languages

Medical, Dental & Clinical Research

Merchant Navy, Maritime & Nautical Science



Police Inspector

Professional/Vocational Courses- Personality development, Vaastu, Hair & beauty


Study Abroad